The road to a good tutorial

April 26, 2009

For the past few weeks I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a small tutorial on how to paint zombie miniatures. Eventually I up and wrote the thing, and with my new camera arriving last Friday, the tutorial is well on its way. I actually went through the tutorial and took photos of the process, and realized that in order to take a series of miniature photographs you need a fixed camera + lights setup. At least if you want  the photos to be similar in hue, exposure and color balance. I do, don’t know about you people.

The tutorial itself is a simple 10 step guide from this:


to this:


…with the tenth step being “base to your own liking.” The tutorial is fairly quick. As mentioned before, I’m a conscientious painter and as such my painting tends to take a lot of time. With this technique I’m painting a couple of solid zombies in one evening, from basecoat to varnish. For me this – painting a model in an hour or less – is like speedracing and as such prompted me to write it up. I hope to get the tutorial with full photos up next week, once I have the whole photo setup ready.

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