From the painting desk #54 – Foul capitalist

July 12, 2017

I recently finished another civilian to inhabit Port George, a wealthy man from Blue Moon Manufacturing. He’ll likely be one of the main antagonists, a rich trader with ambitions for extending the sugar industry to Tyburn island. He’s another characterful sculpt, something I appreciate in Blue Moon’s output. His haughty, grumpy look fits the character concept well.

Click for a larger version

I went for rich, clean colours to make him pop. As the red coat is reminiscent of the colour scheme of my soldiers, I threw in some additional colour to distinguish him from those.

While painting him, I had a very distinct mental image of the kind of person he is. A main inspiration is the character of Cary Warleggan from the highly recommended Poldark tv show. He’s a cruel, greedy banker and utterly despicable.

The picture says it all, really

My time here in Dublin is drawing to an end in a few weeks, and that’s crazy! Seems like we got here just a few weeks ago…

Oh yeah, the merchant is painted miniature #12 this year.


  1. Not sure how I missed this one my friend. He’s great. The expression is perfect. I am currently researching my own “pirate project”. Any recommendations for naval marines for that period?

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    • Hahah, thanks! The redcoats on the other post have a very early uniform, and I’m not sure if they’d be marines per se. Then again if (like me) you’re not a stickler for accuracy, they’re fine. You could also look at Black Scorpion and Galloping Major, both have some great British!

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      • Thanks mate. I’ve checked out black scorpion but not the galloping one. I’m considering the British infantry from the American war of independence range from Foundry.

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        • Good call, I also suggest looking into Galloping Major’s and Redoubt’s French and Indian Wars ranges as well as AWI. Some real gems there!

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  2. Excellent paintjob and a very flamboyant chap. The choice of character should make a good villain that players love to hate.


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